vista taos renewal center
295 Blueberry Hill Road
Taos, NM


Vista Taos is a Primary Intensive Treatment Center.  Their program provides treatment and rehabilitation for chemically dependant / co-dependant people.  Tucked into the West Mesa, just outside the town of Taos is where you'll find the Center.  The location provides for a casual, southwestern setting which is conducive to healing.  Rising out of the ancient landscape, the smooth gentle lines of it's adobe walls provide a protected and inspirational structure for the spiritual and emotional work that goes on within.  All guests are provided with spacious, semi-private suites, each with a private bath.  Every room has a private patio and magnificent mountain views.






Interior photos by Owner

Sketch by Malcolm Wells, Architect

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mccormick piano & organ co.
Ft. Wayne, IN
Design & Build

Featured in "Ten Buildings That Save Energy by Design"
Published by the American Institute of Architects 1978

(first commercial building I ever designed - in 1976)

reprint below from:  "Ten Buildings That Save Energy by Design"


The Owner of this new showroom for the McCormick Piano and Organ Company in Fort Wayne knew what he wanted: conservative, classic, alternative design.  When his architect suggested solar energy, he declared "I don't want any ugly solar collectors anywhere near my building."

The construction budget was tight, with no money for additional first costs - even if they might save on operating costs later.

The architect came up with a combination of passive strategies that gave the owner what he needed.  Heat collected by direct gain, through south-facing double-glazed windows, is stored in a 100,000-gallon concrete water tank integrated with the footings under the showroom floor.  A heat pump draws the stored heat out of the tank during the winter and use it to warm the building; in summer, the pump transfers heat from the air, cooling the building (air conditioning), to recharge the storage tank.  The bottom of the tank rests directly in the earth, which will eventually become "charged" with heat lost from the building, and will help maintain the temperature of the stored water.

Exterior walls consist of a sandwich of thin-shell concrete (Solarcretete®) on either side of a core of polystyrene insulation, so that almost no heat is lost by conduction or radiation.

Summer cooling gets a boost from a sheet of water on the roof, which cools at night by evaporation and deep-sky radiation.  The system uses recycled rainwater, rather than expensive softened city water, to fill and replenish the tank.

In it's first year, the building's energy costs amounted to $564, compared with an estimated $1,893 for a conventional building of the same size.  For the owner, the clincher was the actual construction cost - $172,000, as opposed to $240,000 for a more conventional gas-heated building with half the insulation values.  (The savings resulted largely from the efficient use of materials, and lower labor costs, made possible by the sandwich-wall system.)  With his $11,076 energy tax credit, the owner saved almost $80,000 on construction alone, plus 84 percent savings on energy costs.

He also got the handsome building traditional building he wanted.  And a bonus: in the even temperature and humidity the system maintains, his pianos don't need tuning as often.

He's happy.  You could even say that the words "solar energy" are music to his ears.

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bds medical offices
Silver City, NM
7000 SF

Design & Build

(text from the Silver City Sun-News)

Michael T. Levy Associates, 1100 S. Main St. and Lundeen and Associates, 618 S. Alameda Blvd., both of Las Cruces, have collaborated on the design of an energy efficient office building.  An example of energy-efficient design, the 7,000 sq. ft.building will be constructed at 1004 E. 32nd St., and house the Bell, dye and Skee Partnership, a medical group.  Design for the project includes techniques for passive solar heating, daylighting, earth berming and natural cooling.
"The intent of the owners is to be as ecologically responsible as possible, while providing an aesthetically pleasing healing environment for their patients", Levy said.  Design of the building incorporates native stone thermal mass storage walls, several indoor waterfalls combined with built-in planters, and an outdoor patio.  "Interiors will be bathed in natural light which is much more pleasurable and healthful than artificial lighting and has the added benefit of providing solar heat in the winter," Levy said, "athough it is not common knowledge, energy savings on lighting costs can be more important than heating and cooling costs combined in commercial buildings."
Michael T. Levy Associates is a design and building firm that has specialized in solar design since 1976.  Groundbreaking ceremonies for the $457,000 medical complex were held Tuesday at 10 a.m.








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sun god lodge motel
New Units
919 Paseo del Pueblo Sur

Taos, NM

One of the original Taos style Boutique Hotels, built around a large grass courtyard lined with beautiful, old trees. Sungod Lodge is decorated in typical Taos style with Southwest art.  All hotel rooms are furnished with solid wood hand made Artisan furniture, and equipped with cable TV and coffee makers. Outdoor Hot Tub!







interior photos by owner

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chalet montesano
Bed & Breakfast Inn
Taos Ski Valley, NM


Chalet Montesano provides Taos Ski Valley lodging in a Swiss-Alpine style chalet in a sunny forest clearing-convenient to the Taos ski slopes, shops and restaurants, yet removed from the traffic and noise of both the ski valley highway and the Taos Ski Valley village center.  Summer, fall or winter: Taos mountain recreation is just outside the door.

With just seven guest accommodations, the chalet specializes in romantic get-aways for those seeking distinctive lodging.  The owners, Victor and Karin Fröhlich, are the hotel's only staff, seeing to every detail.  They are also skiing, hiking, mountain biking enthusiasts of the first order, so they pack a couple of hours on the mountain into each day!  Come and experience something refreshingly different on the mountain - the feeling of staying in a comfortable elegant private home replete with hydro-therapy pool, sauna, lap pool, workout room and spacious guest quarters abundantly supplied and furnished.

Owner's residence + 7 complete rental units with kitchens



Fitness workout area on loft over pool, sauna, spa, shower, boot room, and ski room
with two lodging units above


The only swimming pool in Taos Ski Valley


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west source realty
Alamagordo, NM


stephen natelson law offices
411 Camino De La Placita
Taos, NM
Office Addition






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"There will never be great architecture without great patrons"