a partial list of past projects

Feinhandler Residence - Remodel for Handicap Accessibilty

Boothby Residence - a 2300 SF home designed to maximize views of Taos Mountain and the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge.

208 El salto Road - 1550 SF Rastra Block super insulated home at 8,400 ft. elevation overlooking the Rio Grande Valley above Arroyo Seco, NM

Valentine Residence - 1800 SF mud brick (adobe) luxury home overlooking a tea tree lake only .3 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Byron Bay, Australia.

Vista Taos Renewal Center - Residential retreat workshop facility for adult children of alcoholics, Pueblo style 5,270 SF solar adobe.

Weinshenker Residence - Passive solar 3 bedroom home in Santa Fe.

Bos/Schlanger residence - Kitchen remodel and sunspace addition in Santa Fe.

Natelson & Ross Attorneys - Remodel and adobe addition for professional office in Taos with a "round window in a round wall".

Aufrichtig Residence - Passive solar adobe home and pottery studio west of Taos.

Lopez Residence - 3700 SF adobe home on the Rio Pueblo in Lower Ranchitos.

Graham Residence - New home in Lower Ranchitos.

Chalet Montesano - 8,000 SF Swiss style chalet remodel and addition for bed & breakfast with lap pool, waterfall spa, sauna, exercise loft, and rental apartments in Taos Ski Valley.

O'Shaughnessy Residence - Remodeling, landscaping, ramada over carport in historic cassidy Compound, Canyon Road at Acequia Madre in Santa Fe.

Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe - Construction of "Skyspace" environmental sculpture intended for
"viewing the largest homogenious field" by internationally acclaimed artist James Terrell.

Moya Residence - Two story greenhouse addition and major remodel of a home on the northside of Santa Fe.

Bunch Residence - 2800 SF sun-tempered home in Los Alamos.

Weiner Residence - 7070 SF passive solar home with enclosed swimming pool and guest house on the eastside of Santa Fe.

Coulter Residence - Kitchen and deck addition to a home in Los Alamos.

Alamo Solar Duplex - 1800 SF residential duplex for developer in Alamagordo. Integrated active solar, photovoltaics, space and water heating.  Rented before construction was completed.

1660 North White Sands Boulevard - 4000 SF energy efficient office complex for a developer in Alamogordo.

The Top of The Club - 2125 SF spec house for Las Cruces Parade of Homes.  1986 GRAND PRIZE AWARD WINNER from "BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS" Magazine.  Building, interior and landscape, design and build.

BDS Medical Office Building - 7100 SF complex for eight doctors in Silver City, New Mexico. Turnkey $762,000 project including building design, interior design, and building construction with state-of-the-art energy conscious design, passive solar, earthberming, 100% natural daylighting and solar hot water.

Munson Senior Citizens Center - Solar and energy conservation retrofit and addition for the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

4203 Colt Street - Spec house for Las Cruces Parade of Homes.  First Parade home to sell (3 days).  Passive solar and hot water.

Southern New Mexico Property Associates - Energy efficient office building.

Faye's Boutique - Fashionable women's apparel retail store.

Klos residence - Passive solar with trombé walls.

Angel residence - Earthsheltered passive solar in Las Cruces.

Betts Residence - Underground hybrid solar.

Thielman Residence - atop the west mesa with views of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces.

Lucks Compound - 8000 SF hybrid solar with radiant floor, caretakers house, olympic sized swimming pool with patio, ramada, and outdoor kitchen.

Oleksy Residence - Hybrid solar with natural cooling and greenhouse.

4137 Winchester Road- 2000 SF passive solar spec home. Sold in two weeks.

Wallace Residence - Hybrid solar with two story greenhouse in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Bejarano Residence - Solar retrofit air thermosiphon panel system.

Amezquita Residence - Sun-tempered and owner-built in Las Cruces.

West Source Realty - Office building with passive solar, natural cooling and 100% natural daylighting in Alamogordo.

El Paso Electric Company - Master Plan, remodeling with daylighting.

Bureau of Land Management & GSA offices and warehouse - preliminary plan.

Architects Technical Review Panel - Consultant to U.S. Department of Energy, A.I.A Research Foundation, and National Association of Homebuilders for publication "Homebuilders Guide for Energy Conservation".

Pontius Residence - solar greenhouse
addition in las Cruces.

Givens Residence - State-of-the-art ecology house in Alamogordo. Passive solar, underground, natural ventilation, greenhouse, and greywater system.

Yoder Residence - Contemporary passive solar in Ohio.

Kaufman Residence - Passive solar and earthsheltered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Robison Residence - Earthsheltered withatrium and owner-built.

Dailey Residence - Retrofit with matrix collector wall and earth cooling.

Madison Residence - Solar retrofit in Bluffton, Indiana.

Holley Residence - Passive solar direct gain in Huntington, Indiana.

Litton Residence - Solar room additon in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Miller Residence - Solar room addition.

Stevenson Residence - Two-story solar greenhouse and dining room addition in Fort Wayne.

Central Fire Station #1 - U.S. Department of Energy Demonstration Project Grant Winner.
  Solar and energy conservation retrofit for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Pfister Brothers - Farm maintenance shop solar retrofit for the Amish community in Berne, Indiana.

Lindegrin Residance - Underground passive solar direct gain in Auburn, Indiana.

Ebbinghouse Residence - Earth sheltered with atrium in Angola, Indiana.

Bieber Residence - Owner built solar with innovative earth/air heat exchange.

Lowenstein Residence - Passive solar in a barn conversion house project in Fort Wayne.

McCormick Piano & Organ Company - 7000 SF offices, showroom, and warehouse with hybrid solar, massive water thermal
storage, rooftop sheet evaporative cooling system, and no backup heating in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Featured in the American Institute of Architects publication, "Ten Buildings That Save Energy By Design".

The American Institute of Architects - Served on the national faculty for two year professional development seminar series, "Energy In Architecture".  Traveled and team taught America's architects and engineers.

Westview Alliance Church - Trombe wall church sanctuary addition in Fort Wayne.

Hofuf Office Building - Hybrid solar and cooling in Hofuf, sudi Arabia.

Earthaven Homes - Series of residential earth-sheltered designs for a developer.

Levy Residence - Retrofit, direct gain, greenhouse addition and remodel.

McMillen Residence - Greenhouse solar addition with bar and hot tub.

Latz Residence - Earthsheltered with breadbox solar water heating.

Graham Residence - Hybrid solar with swimming pool.

Custer Residence - Underground with atrium and active solar hot water. Yes, the first house I ever designed, in 1974, was underground and solar heated!

Rivergreenway Plan for the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana - Master plan and 100 page book for development of the 52 miles of waterfront.

Barr Street Farmer's Market - Urban renewal project for the City of Fort Wayne.

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